Apache Baremaps

Mapping Infrastructure Made Easy

Apache Baremaps is a toolkit and a set of infrastructure components for creating, publishing, and operating online maps.

Vector Tiles

Baremaps allows you to easily serve and publish custom vector tiles from PostGIS. Whether you need to create maps for web or mobile applications, Baremaps makes it simple and efficient. Additionally, we are continuously working on developing a high-quality base map.

Data Pipeline

With Baremaps, you can easily create custom data pipelines to consolidate your spatial datasets in PostGIS. Baremaps supports several popular formats such as OsmPbf, ShapeFile, GeoPackage, and FlatGeoBuf, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows.


Baremaps provides a set of themes that can be used to style your maps. The themes are customizable and can be easily integrated into your existing applications. With hot reloading, you can quickly iterate on your design and see the results in real-time.


Baremaps provides a geocoder that allows you to search for places and addresses. The geocoder is based on the GeoNames database and can be easily integrated into your existing applications. We are working on adding more features and improving the quality of the results.


Whether you're an experienced or just getting started, there are many ways to get involved. We are experimenting with a range of new components, including IP to location, 3D Tiles Next, and geocoding, and would love your help. Let's create something amazing together!